Robot Operated Destruction Derby Organisation

Be safe in the darkness or risk getting destroyed by turning on your light.
Cooperate with your partner to combine powers of your futuristic robots from the 1985 and destroy the second group of futuristic robots from the 1985. Find the weakness of their robots (which is light) and survive longer then them in this cooperative team based destruction derby!

Jam Keywords:

Arkham ASYLUM: Take no damage when you're hiding in the dark, just like Batman. You're Batman!
Black & White: CONTRAST the dark with the amazing power of light! Turn on you headlamp and allow your dpsfriend to deal a lot of dmg (or do it yourself just like a god Peter Molyneux wanted you to be)
System Shock: Control SYNTHETIC machines (robots) from the futuristic and highly advanced country of 1985 Japan. What a DEVELOPMENT of a human (now non-existent) race.


* 3 friends or 1 friend (both of you have to have split personality)

* 2 Controllers (Left Stick + LB / Right Stick + RB) 

* 1 Controller + Keyboard (WASD + L Ctrl / Arrows + R Ctrl -> L Shift and M on the Web GL build)

Jam Team:

Lead Designer: Jakub "Kamkaskan" Kamiński

Game Design: Jakub "Kamkaskan" Kamiński

Level Design: Jakub "Kamkaskan" Kamiński

UI Design: Jakub "Kamkaskan" Kamiński

UX Design: Jakub "Kamkaskan" Kamiński

Gameplay Programming: Jakub "Kamkaskan" Kamiński

AI Programming: Jakub "Kamkaskan" Kamiński

Machine Learning: Jakub "Kamkaskan" Kamiński

Hideo Kojima: Jakub "Kamkaskan" Kamiński

Graphics: Jakub "Kamkaskan" Kamiński

3d Renders: Jakub "Kamkaskan" Kamiński

Testing: Jakub "Kamkaskan" Kamiński

Team Anchor: Jakub "Kamkaskan" Kamiński

PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
Made withUnity
Average sessionA few seconds
InputsKeyboard, Xbox controller, Gamepad (any)
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count2 - 4


RoDDo_0v5afterShow.rar 17 MB
Download 16 MB

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